Over the years I've ended up amassing a large quantity of photos I've taken all over the world and although I've hosted some of them online in various forms and formats over the years, hopefully this gallery will contain the best selection of them as I curate them and slowly get them on this site. I've tried where I can to keep the useful exif data on the files and display it in a useful format.

All pictures in my gallery are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License so feel free to share them and do what you like with them for personal use.


In terms of the cameras I generally use I have a small range of devices I use depending more on the situation, so if I've got more time or I'm going somewhere more exotic I've got an old Canon DSLR I use which has been a pretty sturdy piece of kit over the years. Along with that I've also got a small, portable point & click camera I'll try and use in places I might not want to be lugging all the kit required to use the DSLR properly. Then finally I've got the camera in my phone, you know, for those off the cuff moments.